AGS LOCSTAR 8028 new fingerprint lock of superb quality

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New ArtGuardBOSSD 7

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May Holiday closing date

We will be closed for business on Thursday, May 9 and Friday, May 10th.  We will be closed for business on Monday, May 20th. ArtGuard Security Team ...
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Walk-in robbery

Rotterdam art thieves take valuable paintings in dawn heistPicasso, Gauguin, Matisse, Freud and Monet are among the artists whose works were stolen from Dutch gallery Uuuh..what would robbers do if they would encounter this small object behind the door... continue reading... ...
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Biometrische toegangscontrole voor BOXX Opslagverhuur

ArtGuard Security has become supplier of biometric access control systems for BOXX Opslagverhuur in Amsterdam. Our BioACS systems safeguard and control all critical points (doors) in their storage facilities. We are developing fully automated fingerprint registration procedure using touch screen technology. It will be unique tailor made - first of its kind - system where users will be ab...
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ArtGaurd Security delivers iPASS BioACS to IrisZorg, Netherlands

"iPASS" BioACS systems for safe and secure access to medicine roomsOver IrisZorg IrisZorg zet zich in voor mensen die de grip op hun leven kwijt zijn of dit dreigen kwijt te raken. Dat kan gebeuren door een verslaving aan alcohol, drugs of gokken en/of door problemen op gebied van huisvesting en werk. Wij bieden trajecten voor wonen, werken en verslavingsbehandeling aan jongeren, volwassen...
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ArtGuard Security is official Distributor of TBS 3D systems

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The first KEYLESS retirement home in The Netherlands is a fact!

  ArtGuard’s multifunctional access control system was accepted as the best solution and "tailor made" product for Vitals WoonZorg Groep in Eindhoven. Vitalis runs at the moment  23 buildings as retirement residences and centres for medical care, most of them located in Eindhoven region. All of them and their new buildings, will be equipped with the unique "iPASS"  BioACS (access c...
23 , 2010Vec o tem

Europese banken hebben te weinig aandacht voor documentbeveiliging

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