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Upoštevajte dejstvo, da nastavitev ključavnic na prstne odtise in/ali digitalnih ključavnic, včasih zahteva celotno odstranitev stare ključavnice, ki ste jo imeli v vratih. To je tudi razlog, da se prodajajo skupaj z krpanom in pritrdilnimi materijali.

 Ko hočete obdržati vašo staro ključavnico, ali če imate vgrajeno večtočkovno ključavnico, potem morate obvezno kupiti enega izmed naših modelov iz LP serije:  LP805, LP805/A LP808/A (to so ključavnice na prstne odtise), ali pa eno izmed digitalnih ključavnic: LP903, LP905 in LP908. Ti modeli so namreč tako izdelani, da so prilagodljivi skorajda vsaki EU standard ali varnostni ključavnici

 Ostali modeli v naši ponudbi imajo lasten električni krpan in delujejo samo skupaj z njim (vsaj v večini primerov).  Potrebujete nasvet? Poklčite nas in skupaj bomo našli najboljšo rešitev za vas!.

Ključavnice lahko seveda kupite direktno pri nas ali pa pri enem izmed partnerjev v Sloveniji:

Kovinoplastika LOZ, Goričanka Kalamar, MIK Celje, AJM Maribor, LIP Bled.


We are proud to say that we take great care for after sales service. We know how frustrating it can be if something goes wrong with the product you have just purchased, that is why we stand by and are ready to help you any time, listen to your complains and try to resolve problem in no time.

Warranty on Fingerprint Locks is one year from the date of purchase. Note: please keep your purchase bill in a safe place in case you will need it.

If something goes wrong - do not panic! Just contact us via e-mail, phone or fax and we will do the rest. One more thing: do not dispose damaged product! We will try to repaire or replace malfunctioned parts or replace the whole lock with new one and take the damaged one with us.

We want you to feel safe with our products!


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1 Additional useful information


    ArtGuard Security, Goes, The Netherlands works together with Xiamen Polymath Technology Development Co.,LTD which was founded in April 1999. Both are professional in the field of biometric technology, product research developing, production and marketing. We are high-tech and software enterprises active in the field of fingerprint technology, cooperating closely with China Ordnance Equipment Institute and Sinosoft Group; besides, Polymath Technology development is a member of C.S.P.I.A.. We independently research, produce and sell fingerprint identification products. We develop and provide corresponding software and after-sale technical support for products. Fruitful results and improvements have been achieved in research on fingerprint recognition algorithm and development on various types of hardware and software design and industry application system software. We strive for perfection.


 2 How will fingerprint door locks increase my security


Unlike keys, passwords, security ID cards, etc., your fingerprint cannot be lost, shared or duplicated. Much like a snowflake, there is no fingerprint identical to another. Fingerprint door locks eliminate these significant downsides to traditional door locks.


 3 Why should I choose fingerprint technology?


    Fingerprint technology represents the largest and most proven segment of the Biometric Industry today. Fingerprints are no longer James Bond technology that only the FBI or CIA can use. Currently, it is more cost-effective, easy to use, and more reliable than ever before. You can use it for your home and/or your business. And you don't need an Engineering degree to make it work!


4 Biometric overview


A person can be identified by what they know (a password), what they have (a smart card, key, or other token), or simply who they are . Biometric security is an automated method of recognizing a person based on who they are. This breakthrough technique uses physical or behavioural characteristics such as fingerprints, voice, face, retina, iris, handwriting, and hand geometry to identify and verify authorized users. Only biometric authentication is based on the identification of an intrinsic part of a human being that cannot be cracked by computer hackers, lost, stolen, duplicated, or misplaced by users. Advantages are increased security, convenience, and reliability. The practical applications and benefits of biometric solutions just keeps growing.

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